ToolBook to Lectora Conversions

Convert ToolBook Books (.tbk) to Lectora Titles (.awt)

For years, ToolBook was my eLearning development tool of choice.  I found the possibilities with ToolBook endless.  But, it is time to move on and after an exhaustive search, I have landed on Lectora as the best choice in eLearning development today.

But, what about all of that training you developed in ToolBook?  How long will it work?  It doesn’t work in the Edge browser so how much longer can you trust that your ToolBook courses will remain viable?

What if you knew that all of your existing courses could be converted to Lectora?  I am not talking about Cut and Paste, Cut and Paste.

I have developed a routine to convert ToolBook Books (.tbk) to Lectora Titles (.awt) and the conversion is almost perfect.  I say almost because that are many more possibilities with ToolBook especially with the Action System.  That said, I convert all objects and all Actions and anything that cannot be directly converted becomes and image or clear and detailed notes within the new Lectora Title, this way I can discuss ways to convert these manually or even update the conversion routine to make future conversions seamless.  Many of the standard ToolBook objects are converted like question objects, Action Objects that include Hide/Show/Trigger, etc.  The list goes on.

This is a service and I invite you to send me one of your (standard) ToolBook books and I will convert it for your perusal, free of charge.